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Strong Faith Strong Men (Pete Alwinson)

John 1:19 I NEED EVIDENCE! If you’re trying to prove your case you simply have got to have the facts, and that’s what we’ll be looking at this week. Strong men are made strong by truth which transforms. That’s the stuff of real manhood. Join our guest teacher Pete Alwinson. DownloadsTranscriptDownloads Below you'll find three options for [...]
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Strength: Who Is In Your Foxhole?

Are you in a strong place, or do you feel a bit puny? Or maybe a little bit of both depending on the area. Weak or strong, one thing is for sure: we will always be stronger together. In this lesson we are going to learn or be reminded of God’s “official” way of making disciples who are strong in mind, body, and spirit. Plus you’ll get a Rock Solid Tool and a Rock Solid Challenge to help up your game. Join Patrick Morley!

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Speaker Series Presents…Ed Kobel

Our special guest speaker Ed Kobel, President and COO of Debartolo Development, brings a story of his life and business; from successes and failures; and how relying on God helped him through it all. Join us as Ed talks about listening to the Holy Spirit and how it can impact your life today. DownloadsTranscriptDownloads Below [...]
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God’s Way to Stand Firm in the Faith

What is the problem God is trying to solve when he says, “Stand firm in the faith”? As much as we want to stay positive, almost every day has “I wish I didn’t have to go through this” moments. While we can’t escape the storms of life, we don’t have to be swept away by them either. Join us and learn, or be reminded, how you can stand firm on a firm foundation!

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Are You Ready for Anything?

Luke 12:35-40; I Corinthians 9:19-27, 10:12-14; I Peter 3:14-16, 5:8 Paul finishes up his first letter to the Corinthians with a summary of Christian manhood: “Be on your guard,” he says. “Stand firm in the faith. Be men of courage. Be strong. Do everything in love.” We are starting a new series looking at these [...]
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What Makes Your Heart Beat Fast and Puts a Smile on Your Face?

Romans 8:20-23, 2 Corinthians 4:7-11, 1 Corinthians 12:7-27, 7:17-24, John 15:8-17, Matthew 5:14-16 Where do you see our community groaning for relief? Maybe it’s the battle to save families raging in neighborhoods across the city—your neighborhood. Maybe it’s for people slipping through the cracks. Maybe it’s for your peers who need Jesus. Maybe it’s an [...]
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It All Comes Down to This

Ecclesiastes 12

“Everything is meaningless. A chasing after the wind.” Unless you do this.
Solomon has led us on a quest for wisdom and purpose throughout Ecclesiastes. The quest leads not so much to a place as to a way to live. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the stress of effort, expectation, and achievement, you need to hear Solomon’s Twelfth and final secret. Join Brett Clemmer as he shows us the final secret from this wise teacher

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When You’re Feeling Stuck

Sometimes the hardest part of success is just taking that first step. Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect conditions, or worried about the risks or just having trouble getting moving—you know what you need to do, your just not quite sure when or how. Join Brett Clemmer as he reveals Solomon’s eleventh secret to help you in those times of paralyzing indecision.