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Purpose: Why Do I Exist?

in The Man in the Mirror (2014)
SynopsisTranscriptDownloadsSynopsis The Big Idea: I will feel most alive, most useful, and most significant when I am doing what God created me to do. It's just a fact of life. Most men don't know their purpose in life, or their purpose is too small. Sincerely ask a man, "What is the purpose of your life?" [...]

The Principle of Reproducing Yourself

in How God Makes Men Part 2 (2014)

The Big Idea: Making disciples is God’s designated way to release the power of His gospel on every problem we face.

Everyone knows we have a “men problem.” The collateral damage among women and children has been staggering–with no relief in sight. I know you care. Yet if you’re like most of us, you can’t help but wonder, What difference could I possibly make? I’m just one man. If you’ve been wondering what you can do, this is the lesson you’ve been waiting for. We each have a choice. We can sit in front of the TV and yell at the evening news, or we can do something about it.

The Next Ten Years

in A City of Disciples (2013)
SynopsisTranscriptDownloadsSynopsis The Big Idea: Making disciples is God’s designated way to release the power of the Gospel on every problem facing our city. Ten years from now, what do you want to look back on and say, “I was part of that?” Michael Harrington who runs Salem Radio News which airs on 2000 radio stations [...]

The Battle for Men’s Souls

in Special Messages (2013)
SynopsisTranscriptDownloadsSynopsis The Big Idea: Anything less than a plan to disciple every willing man is a catastrophic moral failure. The "men problem" has become a crisis that is virtually out of control. The collateral damage among families is staggering. Men under 40 are especially vulnerable to an alien worldview that is gutting the institutions of [...]