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Brett Clemmer is a husband, father, disciple-maker, outdoor enthusiast, and avid Boston sports fan. Brett joined Man in the Mirror in 2000 and serves as President. His passion is to make the church relevant to younger men and men on the fringe. In his writing and speaking, Brett breaks through the resistance that many men feel toward spiritual topics with his use of personal stories and humor. Full Bio

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Getting a Man to Say Yes

The Big Idea: An intentional spiritual friendship is built over time. It’s a relationship, not a transaction.

So how exactly do men develop relationships? We tend to bond in shared experiences (verses shared conversations), and there’s a definite progression. You can see it in the way that Jesus built a seemingly random group of strangers into a band of brothers ready to die for their cause. It’s been an amazing few weeks of learning how we can engage men in discipleship! You’ll gain some new insights and tools tomorrow as we look at God’s Word together and see how Jesus himself built intentional spiritual friendships.